Channel Policy

Ⅰ. Goals of Ankki Establishing Channels:

As a professional data security developer, Ankki, following the principle of entire data security and depending on first-class technology and meticulous service, has accumulated rich data security development and market operation experiences. During the course, Ankki has owned more perfect product lines and ever-growing enterprise and brand popularity. The establishment of complete distribution agent system has become one of the important strategies of Ankki in improving market coverage and occupancy and enhancing core competitiveness. The company will absorb and foster some product agents and integrators with industrial and regional strength to be cooperative partners for long-term development undertaking sale, service and support business. A vertical cooperation agent channel with different modes and layers will be gradually formed to provide final users with more reliable and valuable data security products and services, as well as new-generation data security total solution. 

Ⅱ. Ankki's Concept for Channel Cooperation:

Coordination and progress and win-win cooperation: for cooperative partners, Ankki hopes to set up the cooperative relationship with mutual understanding, identify, respect and support, channel system to provide support, service and management, and harmonious channel environment to play respective advantages for common development and double win and ensure common long interests of clients, channel and Ankki. 

Ⅲ. Cooperation Objects:

* Product distributor 

* System integrator

* IT service and security service provider

* Other organizations and enterprises willing to cooperate with Ankki

Ⅳ. Channel Framework:

Ankki channel framework includes multi-layer roles such as value-added distributor (VAD), strategic industry cooperative partner, agent, regional agent, core agent and authorized dealer. We will cooperate with partners to jointly create sound channel ecological system and coordinate them to exploit market commonly, grow commonly and create value for users.