Product Overview

                        Ankki Big Data Security Audit System (AAS-BD) is a security audit system for database of large data platform. It can comprehensively monitor all kinds of operations of database (such as Hbase database under Hadoop architecture), and support the security of various access interfaces (such as JDBC, JAVA API, REST API) and various tool components (such as HIVE Solr, etc.). Monitoring and protection.

                        Functional Characteristics

                        1. Strong compatibility

                        Supports the audit of unstructured databases (NOSQL) such as Hbase, MongoDB, Cach_and Solr, and supports the audit of mainstream relational databases such as Oracle, Mysql, MS-SQL and People's Congress Golden Warehouse at home and abroad.

                        2. Component and Interface Audit Support

                        Support HDFS, Hive, Phoenix, Java API, JDBC API, REST API and many other large data platform related components and interfaces audit, to achieve a comprehensive and complete audit of large data architecture.

                        3. Complete two-way audit

                        By analyzing, identifying and restoring the bidirectional data package, we can not only audit the request of database operation in real time, but also audit the return result of database system in an all-round way.

                        4. Quick and Efficient Audit Record Retrieval

                        With the advanced full-text retrieval technology, we can quickly and efficiently retrieve massive audit records by any keyword, and achieve 100 million second-level data responses.

                        5. Oriented Behavior Analysis and Event Traceability and Evidence Collection

                        Construct event correlation, simulate playback, restore event scene, simulate the whole event's action track, visually trace the event's relevance, reproduce the operation process, and conduct electronic forensics.

                        6. Hidden Data Processing

                        The sensitive data in the audit results are hidden, and the unauthorized users can not normally view the hidden data, so as to prevent the secondary leakage of important data in the database audit equipment.

                        7. Event Warning

                        According to different risk levels, real-time alarm can be carried out through SMS, email, SNMP and other ways to facilitate the security administrators to deal with it in time.

                        8. Multidimensional Report

                        Built-in privilege operation, exception analysis, access source and other report types, while supporting multi-conditional combination of custom report generation. Through the statistical analysis of multi-dimensional reports, potential security threats can be quickly and accurately identified, which provides data support for the adoption of more targeted security strategies.

                        Product Advantages

                        1. Supporting the audit of HBase database and related components under Hadoop architecture, and having successful experience in large business cases;

                        2. Intelligent Modeling Based on AI Technology and Machine Learning

                        3. Billion-level data, second-level retrieval

                        4. Guarantee of high concurrent data processing capability at telecommunication level

                        Effect of deployment

                        In the network by-pass deployment Angkai big data security audit system, the switch traffic mirror to the big data security audit system, the flow of a comprehensive analysis.

                        Typical Cases