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In Guiyang big data and network security attack and defense security defense won the Cylon Kai Award

Time:2018-01-19 Author:Ankki

In November 28th, the 2017 Guiyang big data and network security attack and Defense Review Conference was held in the exhibition center of the large data security industry demonstration zone in the open area.

The attack and defense drill takes the theme of "building safety ecosystem and sharing data future" for 8 days. Based on last year's "safety diagnosis" and "awakening consciousness", we further promote the iterative upgrading of offensive and defensive drilling. Ang Kai technology as a defender, from more than 30 branch talent shows itself offensive and defensive team, won the "security award".

The security and defense technology won Ankki Award

The Deputy Secretary of the municipal Party committee and the award-winning team of Chen Yanxiang, the deputy mayor of the municipal Party committee, congratulated them. Secretary Chen said, Guiyang first in the country to a city real network object training mode, "the real thing" attack, identify the problems, consolidate the achievements, enhance the safety level of big data.

To observe the summary of the meeting, Ni Guangnan China Academy of engineering, said the implementation of the network power to do both attack and defense, to the real thing, the real test, Guiyang provides a very good experience and inspiration, to attack and defense over time, the scene changes, the drilling results are applied to the actual work, expanding the scale, constantly sum up experience, lead network training network, led the development of enterprises, promote the safe operation of the network, to contribute to the big data security, data security and the development of the whole industry.

The science and Technology Research Institute of rock Ankki

As a leader in database security industry, ang Kai technology has always been focused on the research of database security, database security research in big data, cloud, industrial control and other aspects of the leading position in the industry, cloud database audit system, data security audit system, industrial database audit system and other products have commercial success.

At present, the development and evolution of large data and cloud computing, the core data are also coveted by more and more interests of the apprentice. Data security problems, such as illegal access, deletion, tampering, leakage and lack of audit, have become the biggest threat to data security in the information age.

Ang Kai technology will continue cultivating database security products, solid technical ability, to create a leading technology, high availability of database security products, to promote the development of the overall network security industry association.