Corporate Culture

  Ankki vision and mission:

  •Provide macro safety for big data;

  •Become top-level provider of data security solutions

  •Guardian of state information security

  •don't manufacture relational products. 

Service concept of Ankki:

  •Manufacturing in a well-grounded way and refusing relational products

  •Insisting on original factory engineers providing services to ensure service quality

  •Seeking diverse VIP clients, believing value demand proposed by clients is the company's deficiency and giving thanks to clients without customization fees.

A glimpse of Ankki culture wall: 

Conducting itself in a dignified way, manufacturing products steadily and refusing relational products

•cautious, courageous, independent and careful

•fitting our deeds to words 

•Don't find an excuse for failure, but look for a way for success

•Proposing a toast to celebrate victory and leaving no means untried if failing