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Ankki was invited to participate in the international information security forum Infoforum-China

Time:2018-01-19 Author:Ankki

In October 31st, the eighth session of the International Forum on Information Security (Infoforum-China) was held in the Holiday Inn Shenzhen Donghua Hotel. The meeting focused on information security topics, invite government agencies, from Russia's large IT company's board of directors and experts, as well as HUAWEI, Ankki technology, the cloud security alliance (CSA), Chinese information security experts attended the meeting.

Infoforum is an internationally renowned global information security forum, the meeting held in Beijing on October 2016, the China network security association, China Security Industry Association, the cloud security alliance (China) and other professional associations responsible person and the support and participation of representatives. The Russian side also received extensive support from the Russian Federation Security Council, the Russian national security and Anti Corruption Commission and the Ministry of international affairs.

The rapid development of the Internet has not only brought new technology, but also brought many hidden dangers of information security.

For China, Russia and even the whole world, the Internet space has become the "fifth dimensional space" after land, sea, air and sky. It is the core of the game between nations. It is also the strategic Xinjiang area for safeguarding national security.

Ankki  technology was invited to participate in the international information security forum Infoforum-China

Chen long speech

As a leading manufacturer of database security, the current information technology ang Kai security situation and the potential risk of information leakage, discusses the extensive exchanges and in-depth with the presence of Chinese and foreign scholars.

Leon Chen Kai technology pointed out in his speech, according to authoritative research firm Verizon released in 2015 "data leak investigation report" shows that the causes behind the 2015 data breaches, "database threats" accounted for 90% of the proportion. According to IDC, the global data leak will be $2 trillion and 100 billion by 2019, 4 times that of 2015.

Ang Kai technology was invited to participate in the international information security forum Infoforum-China

The increasingly serious problem of data security has put forward higher requirements for data security products. The traditional means can not solve the problem of database security.

Ang Kai technology eight years focused on data security products research and development, has been the first to achieve security audit of the HBase database under Hadoop architecture, implementation of cloud database audit system no plug-ins or lightweight plug-in deployment. In the fields of cloud security, large data security, industrial control security and other fields, we have the leading technology, and gradually come to the front-end of the industry.

At the end of the lecture, Mr. Chen also revealed that the next step in Kai ang Russia market plan: ang Kai will set up offices in Moscow, and Recruitment partners, the establishment of radiation surrounding Russia Regional and national perfect service system.