Will database be still required when prescription statistics…

In short, the main role of prescription statistics prevention system is to avoid man-made illegal statistics and extraction of data from hospital drug database, as well as lawbreaking transaction inside the hospital. Therefore, the general rule library built in prescription statistics prevention system should be targeted particularly to cover various rules which can be utilized for illegal prescription statistics operation and provide prevention services for hospital specifically.

In addition to medicine information, critical data such as medical image and patient treatment information are also stored in the hospital. In case of unauthorized CRUD (create retrieve, update, and delete) operations, the prescription statistics prevention system will not be able to give a warning.

This is where database audit system comes into play.

What are data security measures?

Contents of database data security include: 1. User operation administration authority; 2. Security of server setup system; 3. Security of sever physical location; 4. Safety of circuit communications and transmission encryption; 5. Secure backup, data transfer and calamity recovery of database; 6. Security of database application system.