Product Overview

                        Ankki Operations and Maintenance Audit System is a B/S-based operational behavior security audit system, which organically combines identity authentication, authorization, management and audit to ensure that only legitimate IT users can use their key resources with operational and maintenance authority. It can realize the pre-prevention, in-process control and after-event audit of IT operations and maintenance personnel.

                        Functional Characteristics

                        1. Preventive measures

                        A. Complete identity management and authentication;

                        B. Flexible and fine-grained authorization;

                        C. Background resources are automatically logged in.

                        2. In-process Control

                        A. Real-time monitoring;

                        B. Real-time alarm and interruption of illegal operation.

                        3. Post-audit

                        A. Completely record the process of network conversation;

                        B. Detailed session auditing and playback;

                        C. Complete audit report function.

                        Product Advantages

                        1. Centralized access control

                        A. Multi-level user grouping management supporting tree structure;

                        B. Support user information LDAP/AD import, custom batch import;

                        C. Support emergency operation and maintenance, support secondary authorization, support double operation and maintenance.

                        2. Visual Audit Function

                        A. Supporting video recording, recording keyboard operation and pasteboard content, supporting static screen filtering;

                        B. Supporting FTP transmission completion path and file name, file content audit.

                        3. Hierarchical Management Authority

                        A. Separation of powers: system administrator, operation and maintenance administrator, password administrator and auditor;

                        B. Supports customizing administrator roles and specifying administrator IP addresses.

                        4. Intelligent Account Management

                        A. Support administrator's automatic access to other accounts without additional plug-ins;

                        B. Support the function of importing and exporting equipment account to facilitate batch processing.

                        5. Perfect Data Storage

                        A. Supporting the storage of audit data to the network storage server and backing up the data at the same time;

                        B. Built-in dedicated audit platform, no need to install external audit platform.

                        Effect of deployment

                        Typical Cases