Product Overview

                        In big data era, virtualization and cloud data have formed massive scale and clustering becomes a irreplaceable core technology. The reason is that single equipment can not load big data concurrency. However, when Ankki database audit system truly serves the audit of big database, clustering formation is required to meet the requirement of big database audit. 

                        Big data distribution should be adopted first to form clustering common loading; to cope with enormous branches with data storage each, more equipment deployment is required to meet database audit demand; centralized management platform of database audit system can realize centralized supervision on the above distribution and deployment in different places and form full-coverage and seamless database audit system, building centralized management platform for solving enormous branches, monitoring subordinate units and big data concurrency and finally forming a integral and united data monitoring platform. 

                        With continuous development of enterprises and expansion of their scale, it becomes necessary to set up branches and representative offices across the country. However, this move will also bring about many new management problems, such as each branch can not realize centralized management, maintenance, monitoring and warning, it is difficult for the headquarter to get effective summary report, accurate positioning can not be done on time in case of equipment failure, decentralized management mode leads to higher management and maintenance cost. It has become an important challenge for large enterprises to span time and space and realize centralized management and monitoring of headquarter on database security of branches in other places. 

                        Ankki provides the most leading centralized management platform in the industry which totally solves the problems of deployment, management, monitoring, warning and log that large enterprise database audit work face. Through this platform, the database audit cost of large enterprises can be greatly reduced, as well as IT asset utilization ratio and productivity improved tremendously. 

                        Functional Characteristics

                        1、 Rapid deployment and centralized management.

                        Network security department of the headquarter can monitor the operation and online status of each branch system in real time via centralized management platform;

                        2、 Management of subordinate bodies and branch nodes

                        Real-time monitoring on equipment details of subordinate and branch bodies:

                        a. Monitor equipment operation status of each node hospital prescription statistics preventing system, such as CPU and memory service conditions and time, (once the equipment is out of control, a warning will be sent out) , no data of monitoring and audit and stoppage of audit. 

                        b. Centralized management can monitor warning rules and records of each branch node in real time. Once a risk operation is made, a warning will be given to prevent concealing and ignoring phenomena. centralized management can also verify whether rule settings are reasonable or prepare backdoor in advance. 

                        3、Centralized management of statements

                        a. Support overall audit record to form united statement in the case of high-concurrency, big data and multiple data centers.

                        b. Support all and single branch node data export analysis.

                        Product Advantages

                        ►Supervise all database audit systems effectively, avoid each doing things in his own way, prevent departments at the same or above level from revising the data of its own randomly and form a overall positioning and verification system for problems.

                        ►Enhance overall database audit efficiency of each institution, rapidly position malicious revision and deletion on data and prevent removing responsibilities each other from happening.

                        ►Collect the data of each branch and subordinate body to form overall statement on security incidents and provide basis for the appraisal of data protection security level and subsequent key work arrangement.

                        ►Centralized management platform targets big data audit and provides statement basis for big data analysis.  

                        Effect of deployment

                        Centralized management platform is deployed in headquarter level and database audit equipment in each branch. Users can take management equipment as united management platform to set up database security strategies and issue, or submit database security audit log in a united manner by configuring managed equipment.

                        Administrators can manage via Web interface and set managing and being managed affiliation between equipment. Secure connection will be established after mutual certification of equipment. Administrators can understand all contents of security information of database, such as online status of database audit equipment, access status of database, malicious operation behaviors, and information of personnel, time, site and method.

                        In case of accidental or man-made network disconnection that might appear, an emergency solution is available too. When management equipment disconnects, the managed equipment log will be automatically stored in local place. Transmission will be recovered after managing equipment is online. When the managed equipment is offline, managing equipment will give a warning, prompting administrator to intervene. 

                        Realize as a whole: 

                        1. Monitor database security condition of all systems in an all-round way, supervise access to important secret data of key departments and improve overall operating efficiency of database.

                        2. Give early warning and supervise for evidence acquisition; isolate all coalitions with illegal purpose. 

                        3. Realize big data cloud platform summary and form united and effective statement platform to provide basis for integral data analysis.