Government Security

Database Audit System Project of Beijing Development Zone Finance Bureau


  Client introduction

  Beijing development zone finance bureau is responsible for preparing middle and long-term financial planning and annual budget and final accounts draft and organizing to implement, as well as managing and supervising fiscal expenditure of the zone. It also takes charge of supervision and management of state-owned assets of administrative institutions, organization and implementation of financial supervision on social security funds, control of purchasing power of administrative institutions in the zone. 

  Database audit demand

  A large amounts of sensitive data stored in finance business systems include financial, personnel, asset and project library. Meanwhile various external data related with financial system such as economic data from statistics bureau, economic development board and trade development council are also required for financial business interaction. The above data have not specific tools for supervision and protection, data leakage will cause immeasurable influence on bureau of finance and social stability.

  Effect of application 

  Ankki database audit system is an edge tool based on information security system standard, higher than that, which can meet the requirement of the country on network information security supervision. The system supports deep recognition and vertical analysis on complicated and secret operations under complex application environment, realizing no omissions or mistakes and preventing various dangerous operation behaviors correctly, in a bide to protect the information security of finance bureau thoroughly.