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InfoSecurity Russia Russia Information Security Conference ended, Ankki technology shines

Time:2017-09-22 Author:优德w88官网

  On Sept. 21, the three-day InfoSecurity Russia has come to an end. As one of the Chinese business representatives for this conference, Ankki Technology brings the latest in this global safety feast, Security products to attend the conference. Not only that, but also by virtue of its outstanding performance, won the General Assembly awarded the "Excellent Exhibitor Award" and accept the media interview, to show the Russian people the strength of domestic data security companies and the latest research.

  ▲Ankki Technology President and CTO Mr. Liu(second from left)

  InfoSecurity Russia is one of the brand events of the European Information Security Conference and is the only one of Russia's top information security trade shows. For the first time in 2004 in Moscow, Russia, it has been 14 years old.

  ▲InfoSecurity Russia conference scene, popular

  The InfoSecurity Russia conference brought together over 100 exhibitors from 22 countries and focused on more than 300 products and solutions. Attracting more than 6,000 professional visitors, more than 4,000 forum listeners, and over 8,000 registered visitors from banks, telecommunications, rail transit, energy, industrial control, retail and other industries. 146 international speakers brought in more than one heavyweight forum on topics such as business sustainability, incident response, physical security, big data protection, identity management, cybersecurity, management services, payment security, risk management, networking Diagnosis and other hot topics.

  ▲Russian information security leaders of government departments to visit the venue

  InfoComm's InfoSec Conference, debuted at the InfoSecurity Russia conference, attracting a large number of professional visitors to Ankki's booth, in-depth conversation about products, access to government leaders from Russia's information security sector, industry experts, University scholars, Key Infrastructure Department Information Center unanimously approved, won the organizers awarded the "excellent exhibitors" award, praise!

  ▲Russian government officials awarded Ankki Technology the "Excellent Exhibitor" award

  Ankki Technology President and CTO Mr. Liu Yongbo and partners introduced the company's core product to the guests - enhanced database auditing system. Ankki enhanced database audit system unique application-level audit module to support the application client to access the database audit can be targeted to the "people."

  ▲Mr. Liu took a group photo with Russian government officials at Ankki Booth

  At the same time with the development trend of the Internet, the first to support the Hadoop HBase database audit, has been in the public security law, government, telecom operators, medical and other industries commercial; take the lead in overcoming cloud platform architecture database audit technology to support plug-in or lightweight plug-ins Less than 2M) deployment, the database "zero" impact; the first to support industrial real-time database (such as IP21) audit, to ensure production safety ...... Comprehensive cloud, big data, industrial control database security solutions.

  ▲Mr. Liu and partners to the Russian department leaders to introduce products in detail

  With the globalization of information security, Chinese information security vendors already have the strength and confidence to compete with foreign enterprises in the field of independent intellectual property technologies, products and services. Ankki made its debut at the Russian Information Security Conference for the first time to demonstrate the mission and vision of China's security vendors for network security and contribute to promoting the exchange and development of network security technologies between China and Russia.

  ▲Goodbye! InfoSecurity Russia Assembly